Numbering Heads

Pryor offers a variety of manual and automatic indexing numbering heads for sequential marking. A range of numbering heads is available for quick, easy serial number marking, for use either by hand and hammer or mounted in marking machines/presses.

Manual units allow the inscription to be rapidly changed to any value and locked in position. Automatic indexing units allow fast and accurate serial numbering with the minimum of effort. Specially manufactured wheels are available to provide alphanumeric characters and symbols as well as 0-9 and a blank space.

Pryor Numbering available for your marking needs:

  • Standard Hand Numbers – Manually adjustable numbering units for use by machine or by hand.
  • Automatic Numbering Heads – Automatic indexing numbering heads for serial number marking.
  • Custom Numbering Heads – A diverse range of numbering heads can be designed and manufactured to a special order; including alpha-numeric and logo/symbol options.

Pryor Numbering Head Features:

  • Available in a wide range of character sizes from 1.5 to 6mm
  • Automatic or Manual Indexing
  • Strict tolerances and positive alignment produce consistent quality marks every time
  • Supplied with a range of shanks to suit standard marking presses
  • Tell-tale characters in wheel grooves show characters in the marking position
  • Suitable for use with most metals and many plastics

Series 2000 Numbers

Series 2000 Numbers are suitable for machine use or by hand and hammer when fitted with the appropriate shank. Standard wheels have figures 0-9 (inclusive) – letter and symbol wheels can be supplied to special order. A blank station on each wheel allows for a non-marking position. Six wheel units are available from stock but various options can be supplied quickly. Fast and symbol character setting is ideal for random changing inscriptions and batch marking.

Character Size No. of Wheels(Standard Unit) Length of Marked Impression Hand orHand/Machine Use
1.5 1/16 6 8.4 0.34 H/M
2.0 5/64 6 11.2 0.45 H/M
2.5 3/32 6 14.0 0.56 H/M
3.0 1/8 6 16.8 0.67 H/M
4.0 5/32 6 22.4 0.90 H
5.0 3/16 6 28.0 1.12 H
6.0 1/4 6 33.6 1.34 H


Automatic Numbering Heads

Pryor’s range of Automatic Numbering Heads are designed for simple application of serial number marking. They can be used in most types of marking machines and presses. Not suitable for use by hand and hammer.

Standard wheels have sharp faced characters, 0-9 (inclusive) with one blank station. The inscription is quickly indexed by hand, trip lever or pneumatic valve, making Pryor Automatic Numbering Heads easy to use and ideal for a wide range of serial number marking. Special wheels can be supplied to mark logos, symbols, and letters. Character forms can be sharp faced, flat faced, mini-stress, or dot-stress.
Styles can be condensed or broad standard style or to any special character style. Concave and convex characters can also be provided.

Automatic Numbering Head Features:

  • Automatic indexing on each stroke (other variations available) of up to 6 wheels
  • 7 standard character sizes from 1.5mm to 6mm
  • Pneumatic or mechanical actuation
  • Supplied with a range of shanks to fit standard marking machines and fly presses
  • Strict tolerances and positive character alignment ensure consistently high quality marks
  • Compact and lightweight, yet robust and durable
  • Specially engraved character wheels available

Series 2000 Automatic Numbering Heads

Series 2000 automatic numbering heads are ideal for consecutive serial numbering, with the inscription being indexed by hand, trip lever or pneumatic valve. They can be fitted with a variety of shanks to suit a range of marking machines. Standard stock units have six wheels in any of seven character sizes – but other sizes and numbers of wheels can be quickly supplied. Tell-tale characters, at a convenient level, indicate the figures in the marking position.

Character Size No. of Wheels(Standard Unit) Length of Marked Impression Hand orHand/Machine Use
1.5 1/16 6 12.8 0.51 H/M
2.0 5/64 6 15.5 0.62 H/M
2.5 3/32 6 17.4 0.70 H/M
3.0 1/8 6 19.8 0.79 H/M
4.0 5/32 6 24.5 0.98 H
5.0 3/16 6 28.8 1.15 H
6.0 1/4 6 34.6 1.38 H


Series 2000 Multiple Wheel Numbering Heads

Mc Master Cat. No. Character Size Number of Wheels Distributor Pricing
15995T12 1/8 4 $627.00 ea.
15995T14 1/8 5 $728.00 ea.
15995T15 1/8 6 $799.00 ea.
15995T19 1/8 7 $898.50 ea.


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