Special Typeholders

F&S Model Number Character Size
H6-35-29 1/16
H6-35-29 3/32
H6-35-29 1/8
H6-35-39 3/16
H9-6-40 1/4
H16-57 3/8

Straight Groove Typeholders
Straight Groove typeholders accommodate a wide range of stamp configurations. Straight Groove type can be used in any press marking application. A locking pin holds the type in place and prevent setting type upside down. They’re available in press holders for groove type (standard straight included) and interchangeable type.



3 Line Typeholder2 Line Typeholder

2 Line Typeholders have 10 piece capacity per line for 1/8” type. They are available with and without partition walls. Models without partition walls and are equipped with 3/4” x 2” shank.

3 Line Typeholders have 16 piece capacity per line for 1/8” type and 1/32” partition walls. These models have a dovetail shank and can be used in hand presses, power presses, or dovetail adaptors.

Special King Size Typeholder
The Special King Size Typeholder has an 18 piece capacity for 1/2” type with a 2” x 2” shank.