Branding Dies

Depending on the size of the production requirement, branding dies generally take the most abuse and need to withstand the greatest amount of pressure and torque. They are used in typical hot stamp applications, plus brand leather as well.  F&S Engraving branding dies are built to the highest quality standards so that they produce consistent results for long durations.

F&S Engraving also produces steel branding dies.  Steel has an increased life in high speed or larger production runs. These dies are able to withstand the heat and pressure over the long-term but with a higher initial investment.

Brass branding dies are an economical alternative to steel and perform equally as well in the short-term.

Magnesium branding dies are a less expensive alternative to brass and in many cases can yield the same amount of impressions in short and medium runs.

Depending on your cost constraints and your particular needs, the master craftsmen at F&S Engraving can produce the right branding dies to fit your requirements and deliver long-standing quality.