Hot Stamp Dies

At F&S Engraving, hot stamp dies are what we know best. Our master craftsmen have produced high quality, consistent dies for more than nine decades. Our state-of-the-art machining and engraving software, along with our highly-trained staff, allows jobs to be performed quickly and accurately, while never sacrificing our high level of quality.

The F&S Engraving in-house heat treating process is guaranteed to give you the quality and durability you expect from an American-owned company.  In addition, our in-house inspection saves you time and money.

We machine hot stamps from steel, brass, magnesium, or any other customer specified material.  And, we can produce hot stamps for various applications including, plastics, wood and paper products.

Why F&S Hot Stamps Dies?

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect when you choose to purchase a hot stamp die from F&S Engraving:

  • Reduced annual expenditures for your business–F&S Engraving’s years of experience along with state-of-the-art technology means hot stamp dies with better performance and greater durability
  • Operations that work at optimal performance—the F&S Engraving dedicated sales force and customer support team provide you the technical and engineering support that ensure that your hot stamp dies are made just right and keep your operations running at peak performance
  • Complete production assistance—F&S Engraving has the resources to support your efforts from original artwork to finished dies
  • Set-ups that can suit your company’s production requirements—Whether multiple stamping, automatic rotary, or roll stamping, F&S Engraving will reproduce your artwork through our CAD system or 3D Digitizing.
  • Reduced costs and high customer satisfaction–With the F&S Engraving expeditor delivery service, we can meet your scheduling and rush order needs.

Hot Stamps for Plastic

Fitting of hot stamping dies to contoured plastic piece parts has long been a specialty of F&S Engraving.  When hot stamping plastic, a heat released foil is generally used to bring contrast to the impression. The same is true when hot stamping paper products.  We can provide you with a variety of custom stamps for plastic and paper applications.

Hot Stamps for Wood

F&S Engraving can also manufacture hot stamps for your wood products.  When hot stamping wood, the heat of the die burns the image into the substrate.  Even though stamping wood is not as common in these modern times, F&S Engraving still produces a variety of stamps for specific wood applications.

Hot Stamp Dies Available from F&S Engraving

At F&S Engraving we can produce your hot stamp dies in a variety of materials to meet your specific application needs. We can create hot stamps for numbers, letters, logos or in any combination.

Hot Stamp Type Branding Dies Decorating Dies